How SEO Firm Can Help to Improve Your Business Visbility Online

If you have designed a website, still wondering how to get traffic toward it. It is important to get it on the first pages of the search. SEO improves your website visibility. So it appears in search results. Certain changes can help you get that attention towards your website. People usually search with certain Keywords.

So we have to make our website at par with all those Google results, SEO Company provides complete help in achieving it.

These days every small and big business is associated with the internet and it’s essential also, as people always GOOGLE before visiting, Hence, hiring an SEO  firm is equally critical, it will keep that balance in your website and increase your ranking on Google for your business.

Google Trends

Google makes us aware of how we have to use the GO-To keyword. You have to check which keyword people are using the most. Even if they are using a phrase to mark their search, you have to redefine the same in your website.

I can explain it with an example let’s see if you are running a business of clothing. Winters are approaching you to want to publicize your recent collection of socks.

If you want to trigger the traffic in your direction, you have to check what are the most used keywords- Snow socks, winter socks, wool socks which people are browsing more.


This tool shows you how a search engine views your website. It strips it down you the basic level, which does not include fronts, headers, or images.

It displays only the relevant SEO information on your website. It will introduce you to the shortcoming you have when it comes to keywords and relevant information which would be caught by their search engines. In this tool, all you have to do is enter your URL

Screaming Frog

It provides insight into how an SEO problem can depict what is wrong with your website. The screaming Frog tool crawls your site for dreadlocks and provides a report of problematic areas.

The tool brings out all the broken links, even missing metadata, all the oversized files and pictures, a few duplicate pages, and internal links.


This special tool tells us how fast our website loads. Speed plays a vital role in search engine ranking.

If any sluggish page is becoming a hindrance in the loading of your site. This specific tool double-runs and checks the speed. It is easy to operate enter the URL, you will get each page speed.

Rank checker

This tool foretells the ranking of your website in search engine results. This tool shows the true color of your site on is World Wide Web and provides tips to improve the same.

It can be operated by installing a button on your toolbar, providing easy access to this information.

Responsive Design Test

The most important thing is that the maximum people viewing your website are doing this from their handsets.

It’s essential to see and check how your site looks on a Smartphone. To make sure your website looks perfect and sharp on every device use responsive website design.

It adapts to every device so you don’t have a design or create multiple sites.

SEO provides a great deal of help to small business ventures to get recognition through their services.